Here's the situation. I joined my band (who had been together for about 2 years) back in May and all summer we practiced about once a week and gigged every 2 weeks. When college started back up, I had to take a night course which fell on the practice date of our scheduled "band practice night." Since then, we have not practiced (this has been over a month now.) We have gigs scheduled 2-3 times a month, but have been playing the same songs since we haven't had time to practice and get new ones ( we are a cover band that can cover 4 hours worth of material.)

However, since we haven't been practicing I've been co-writing some original material with my bassist & singer that we want the band to perform later on. We are all in our early-mid 20's and the main reason for not getting all 5 of us together is because everyone works or goes to college. I found out the other night that we probably won't have a set day that we all can practice until Mid-December! (This is the time my night course will be over.) We will probably be able to have a band practice once a month between now and then.

Do you think this is the best thing to do in this situation? I mean it's not like we are not practicing or gigging.. and therfore don't really have a band. I'm just getting fussy with no new songs at gigs.
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I would suggest that you lay down as much of the material on cd as possible. Give a copy to everyone, write parts, and find some time you can practice, maybe just 2 afternoons in one week. Then get them down good, and you should be fine for gigging. You don't necessarily have to practice all together if you can practice your part on your own till its perfect. Then just have everyone meet and slot it in together and you should be alright.
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why dont you change the practice night?
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sounds like you all are pretty decent musicians, so new materiel isn't that big a deal (obstacle if you will), plus, lull in a regular cycle can lead to more creativity, as well as taking a short break from it. i don't think youre hurting much