There I was walking,
Drunk from the sweetness of your touch.

There was romance from gutters,
And all that matters much.

It seemed at the time,
The most perfect rhyme.

A simple melody,
That I could call truly mine.

Chorus: Where is love?
Where is the fool?
Of all my nights,
And mornings too.
There's no way,
She could never stay.
My heart has flown away.
She came too late.

Bridge: A stormy afternoon comes to soon.
There's no way I could forgive you.
Hypnotized in morning dew,
Whose chances were few.

Back to the chorus.

Done in a jazz styling. Performed with just an electric guitar.
Raw emotion, yes? I thought it was, anyway.

I loved the way it's very powerful without being, like, in your face. It states its point, allows for no arguement, but still is gentle and not bone-breaking.