Hard rock/metal kinda stuff featuring Shagrath from Dimmu Borgir on guitar. I've just heard one song (Serial Killer), but its pretty good old school metal sorta stuff. Even if you hate Dimmu Borgir dont be put off, cause they sound nothing like Dimmu.
I was bad with usernames at age 12. Ah woe.
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Don't go dissin' Dimmu, biatch.

MySpace is down right now, but I'll definitely check this out tomorrow.
I love Shagrath's work in both OMC and DB, so I'm looking forward to this.
^I like Dimmu, but everyone seems to hate them here
I was bad with usernames at age 12. Ah woe.

*Creates the "Dimmu Borgir cumshoots your mum" club*

PM me to join
Reminds me hella of Brides of Destruction.
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