I have a Vox AD30-VT and I have a band practice today and naturally its not going to be loud enough so i have rented a Marshall half stack - I was just wondering if there was any way that I could use my amp as the head to the Marshall and get all the Vox sound and effects through a Marshall Cab...
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I think its only the 50 watt that has the speaker out, if I were you I would stick to the marshall but thats just me I guess.

what model marshall is it by the way?
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the ad30vt should be loud enough shouldn't it? unless your drummer has a really loud kit
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What kinda marshall is it? Plug your guitar into the Vox, then take the "line" jack from the Vox to the fx loop return (if it has one) on the Marshall. Using both amps, you should now have the Vox preamp stage and effects into the marshall's power stage. Wait for someone to correct me, before you blow yourself up, though.
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no. actually what jim said will work. effects loop out on vox to the effects loop in on marshall will work fine. might take some tweaking to get the same tones though.
The VT has no effects loop, so it's gonna have to be the line out, which is right before the power stage anyway, so that'll work. I think most of the tone comes from the Pre stage, so going into the marshall power stage shouldn't change it too much, right?
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line out is at headphone levels so its not enough wattage to fry anything. ... i've never tried hooking a pair of headphones into an effects loop out..... someone try it and see what happens
Don't put them on before ya plug them in.

Line out can also go to PA's and recording devices and stuff.
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Well, mind telling us what Marshall you rented?
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