This is my first song, and i am doing it while compeltely smashed, so take it easy. PS...its not emo, its elliot smith style
[Drop everything tuning - D G C F A D]
Am-C-G-D (Chorus)
Am-C-G-Am/F#(Chorus to verse transition)
Em-Em-C-Am (Verse)
Sometimes the world, gets to me
futures haunting, constantly
few things, that keep me alive
Oh so earging to, take the dive

Nothing to do, nowhere to go
Wanting to make, that final throw
but something in-side of me
wants to keep, living free

You mean so much to me
wishing i could write poetry
lingering doubts are in my head
just looking to hold you

Take another Drink, to clear the mind
play another game, of hide and find
the memories, come crashing by
take another hit, to get real high

take another pull, take another shot
don't think, that i forgot
thinking that, I made a mistake
this is how i know, it wasn't fake


EDIT: FIrst song lLYCIcly!
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