This is just something I put together. Had to break up with someone I really adored, so I'm going off on my own so I can come back refreshed, so we can stay friends.

He's gonna run, to that faraway place
With everything that matters in this material world
If it takes all day...to that faraway space
Where close-at-hand things won't seem far
Where faraway things don't appear too large

He's gone away, and he's gone today
His friends will be there to meet him
Where have you gone, ami, why haven't you come
He'll tell them something he had learned from his times
"Don't cry for the best you never had."

He's ran long to this faraway place
Fall from the things that always mattered
To his own he can call this space
When he raises his hands to the sky
It's when the angels sing and devils cry

Sun shines on those who call the song
Of love, and passion, of feelings strong.
He sang all his songs to the girl who was his heart
In the middle of the night when he awoke with a start
The sweet voice not only in his head would tell him
Everything's going to be alright.