ive got a Vintage VP6 and im thinking about getting a new guitar.I wanna get a more rockier guitar for stuff like AC/DC,Led Zep and stuff like that.I wanna get an Epiphone SG but i can only afford one thats under £300.
the guitar that looks the best for my moneys is the SG-400 Vintage(of faded g-400)
but the finish on it looks like it might be crap.The other guitar is the sg-400 deluxe but i dont know how much it costs
for the stuff you play thats a great choice indeed. but also try out the guitar too see if you have any problems with it
OMG IM SOO CONFUSED!, how come the deluxe cost more than the faded, im sure "deluxe" would mean its better than the normal.
If you want it cheaper than GAK try looking for it on Imuso, they have it for £240 or something I think.

Edit: That'd be http://www.imuso.co.uk
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