Hi. I want to get a dist pedal before i get a new guitar and amp. i wanted a Boss DS-2, but I could not find one yet in this corner of the world. I only found DS-1, MT-2, etc. I also found the Digitech Grunge. I like the DS-2 as I've tried it quite a few times already, but i'm not sure what a digitech grunge sound like, but i heard its good. I play a Fender MIM Fat Strat through a cube-30, and i play mostly Nirvana, RHCP,etc and some hard rock. I would really appreciate your help and thanks in advance!
The grunge is awful!!!!! If it was between those two it'd be the DS-2.

Instead, look for a DS-1 Keeley mod, or a digitech distortion factory! They'll do you so much better!
p.s. you've got a cube.. you don't need a distortion pedal!! And also roland make the Boss DS-2.. so the distortion models on the cubes are based around those of the pedals mixed with different amps.
You busted the R-Fier channel or something ??
Tone is all ...... well probably 75%, in your fingers.
The rest depends on your wallet's thickness !!

Keep the faith, baby!!
Well, I don't personally like the DS-2 THAT much, it's just OK to me, but the DigiTech Grunge (along with almost ALL other DigiTech pedals) sucks. The only DigiTech pedal I would consider buying is the Whammy 4.