hey.. has anyone heard or better yet tried indian classical stuff on the guitar?? i heard some stuff recently.. it sounds really great.. wanna learn the technique.. can ne1 help me?

for those who hv not heard this kind listen to
Bheegi Bheegi - Gangstar and some stuff by the guitarist called Prasanna...
am not sure if torrents are available.. but its there on limewire..
hopin u guys are open to all kinds of music..
I like guitar...
Good stuff to listen to I have a good bit on my MP3 player and as for learning the technique just transcribe it, guitar and sarods aren't thaatt different.
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I've heard that the approach to Indian music is much different than Western music. From what I understand, where Western music focuses a lot on harmony, Indian classical music focuses more on melody and it's developement.

I think it's mostly improvised and there are rules to go along with it, but my knowledge ends about here. While certain elements of Indian music might be able to be added easily, I'm not sure how much learning it would take to have a deeper understanding of how to use it properly.
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listen to indian music if you can. a lot of it seems to be like, melodies built around a droning bass note or chord. try the harmonic minor scale, the lydian mode, and the mixolydian mode over like a droning bass note for starters
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but its really difficult to get the feel with just slides so i thought maybe there was some other stuff to be done while playin it..
yea sounds really good..
I like guitar...