Ok here is my problem:

I live in an ancient farmhouse. All my wiring is 2-wire without a ground wire. There isn't even a ground wire coming from the ground pin outside to the ground strip in my electrical panel. I live in the United States. My guitar and amp sound great at anybodies house with "up-to-date" wiring.

This causes severe buzzing from my amp whenever I switch to the drive channel or turn the gain up at all.

My question is what do i need to do to fix this? I tried running a wire from the ground terminal on the plug that I use for my amp to a ground pin outside. This had no effect. I also tried hooking the wire to a cold water pipe. This also had no effect on the buzzing. I dont understand this because it is a direct ground for that socket.

This is driving me crazy!! I just want to play some guitar loud and I can't without getting a headache.

Please Help!!!!
Some ideas for you. First off- remember that 120VAC can kill you under the right conditions. You give no hint about your age, so forgive me if I'm talking like your dad. If you are the owner, you need to have that ground situation fixed by a licensed electrician right away! If you or a member of your household become a better conductor to ground than your neutral line, zap. You have a big van of worms there.

This is a difficult problem to diagnose, but since you said you tried grounding directly to a water pipe and ground rod, I suspect it's not really in the electrical, but you are in a room with extraneous signals. Do you live near a set of power lines like the big tower type? Do you have fluorescent lighting in the room you play in? Do you have electrical heat or a room air conditioner near by? The major issue is a strong electromagnetic source and your system is acting as an antenna. Do you have a "ground lift" on your amp that is in the lift position? Another possiblity is that you have a "ground loop" where you are on the line after an exceptionally "noisey" source. Try plugging in to an outlet nearer your circut breaker or fuse box. These are just quick, simple ideas. Let me know what you find.
I'm having a simliar problem. So interested if your managed to resolve your issue