has anybody here ever used the evh d-tuna? is it worth it? how exactly do you put it on? will it work on a kahler locking bridge?(it's a recessed one, not a flatmount, i'm not ebenezer moneybags)
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eh i don tthink its worth it, my experieince with them is that the never work quite rite and you almost always have to screw with them everytime you go into drop D, though i guess it is better that having to unlock the nut and everything. Not sure about the trem though, im pretty sure they are made specifically to fit floyd rose or some FL licensed trems, but like i said im not 100% sure on that.
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I have one on a Floyd. Works great, but I wouldn't put it on anything that doesn't have a locking nut. Or I only had one guitar and had to change tunings while playing out.
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