Make what you will of that review.

It's really hard to say anything on it without actually trying it. I've never heard of this brand before but the site makes it seem like a pretty good deal (but then, they all do, don't they?) If you're willing to risk $350 (shipping costs are $30 to US [non-Alaska/Hawaii]) on a guitar that may or may not be good, go for it. Me, I'd check out guitars in a local shop before dropping on a brand that I've never heard of before.
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the ad looks like it's for a freaking miracle diet pill. you can get a solid electric guitar for a lot less than that, and don't forget you need an amp too. check out musiciansfriend.com and look at the ratings of guitars in your price range, or better yet, go to an actual shop. what was this, a google ad or something?
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