Are Epiphone guitars just a cheap reconstruction of Gibson Guitars, also how do they match up against Schecter guitars.



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Epiphone is the sister brand of gibson, like squier is the sister brand of fender, sister brands are generally endorsed by the original and they usually cost a lot less than the originals.
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epiphones are very much better than squiers. They aren't as good as gibsons, with possible exception of elitist's.
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Dont compare Squiers to Epi's LP, they are much better, id say there good enough from an intermediate guitarist.
epiphone's - especialy the lp customs are very well built and can compare to gibsons but the quality of electronics is much worse thats why i'm getting new pickups for my epi lp instead of wasting 1500 on a gibson
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for a les paul copy i would look into a guitar like a tokai, they are very nice copies, sometimes even better than gibsons.
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for a les paul copy i would look into a guitar like a tokai, they are very nice copies, sometimes even better than gibsons.

shut up....
epiphone > squire

but. . .

epiphone<<<<<<<<<mexican fender. . .
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Obviously comparing an epiphone les paul to the Gibson would be ridiculously pathetic. However they are quality guitars (supposing you get the standard,custom or classic) that are great for the price. I don't know how they compare to schecters, but they sound good, and play most styles easily. The quality isn't that of a Gib, but by god it's not all that far off, and is genuinely good.
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