Hello, I've been playing bass for about 3 years now, and i'd like to upgrade on an amp. I was looking at a half stack package kinda thing, but I have no idea what to choose. It seems I know everything about basses, and so little about amps. Can you give me some good names?

I was looking at some ampeg amps and they look pretty good.
thats the same as my budget and I'm looking into some GK head and cab but I can't find any with a good review except the 600 RBII and the 410 SBX cab which I have no clue about at all or if that will even work but thats what I've been looking into but I'm pretty much in the same boat as you I have next to no clue about amps at all.
Toronto? im assuming youre working with 400-700 CDN, and even then, if you have that big of a gap, you're probably working on the assumption that "My parents said they'd get me an amp around 600 bucks, i get to choose", so you upped it to 700 to be safe

Either way, You're two best choices are : 1) waiting it out till you have 200-300 more and get a better rig, because with what you have now, theres not much new that'll be too good.

2) you can always check Craigslist.com for some good deals! im almost sure in the first 15 mins you'll find a few Bass Stack deals.
i can recommend the 400RB II with a 410 SBX cab. it rocks my world. I cannot turn it up passed a quater or it shakes my whole room. sweet.
tone is amazing, and with any GK head there is no "GK sound", you create the sound you want.

i think i will stay with GK gear, i will probably ugrade to another cab, i think i want a 115 to go with it.