I've been playing for a year, self taught with the help of the internet, and only recently did I start taking lessons which haven't been very helpfull. My friend who has been playing for two years with lessons had never used Drop D until I jammed with him, and didn't know what a power chord was. So when I tell people I've been playing for a year, I don't really think it reflects how I play. So I was wondering...

Is there like a test or something that I could take to determine what 'level' I'm at, or how long it would take someone to achieve my skills or something? Please respond.
dont worry bout testing your playing worry bout building it and gettin better
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B) Think. This may be hard if you havent done it before, so start slow and with a metronome.

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Record yourself and then play it to other people. See what they say.
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yea other people will tell you where you are, even non guitar players know good guitar when they hear it
I'm not really interested in finding out how 'good' I can play, just like if there was a thing that was like:

Level I
-You can read tablature
-You can play basic chords (E, G, D, C)

Level II
-You can play more advance chords (E7, G5, Dm, Cm, G#m)
-You can make up simple melodies
-You understand what a hammer-on, pull-off, bend and release is.

Level III
-You can play advance chords (Em7add9, C#m/G...)
-You can do simple solos in a certain key
-You can tremolo pick

Etc, etc...

So I could tell people how I can play, because usually when people ask you 'how long have you been playing?' they mean 'how good can you play' so I would like to tell them that instead of how long I've been playing because it doesn't reflect how good I can play.
sorry, but it doesn't really work like that. you can't seperate skill into levels like that, especially when you're talking about guitar. it just depends on what you practice and what you try to learn.

EDIT: When people ask me if i'm good, i always say something like "oh, i'm not bad." I've been saying that for pretty much the last year, even though i've been getting a lot better. you really just have to hear someone play to judge how good they are.
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Yeah, I agree with ginotech. You really can't break a skill level down like that, as some people will learn some stuff that's not on that list at a low level and some will never learn some stuff on that list because they have no use for it. I don't know those advanced chords by name, and I know alot of other stuff that wasn't on your list. Does that mean I'm still only level 2? No, it just means that stuff is useless to me and I didn't waste my time learning stuff I won't use.
Taking grade exams are a decent way to test your 'level,' although even within a grade peoples' skills can vary a lot. But other than that, and short of actually listening to you, I suppose how long you've been playing is the best way to rate your standard. It is wildly innaccurate, but it is the only thing you can really ask. As soon as you start playing people will see how good you are anyway.
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Very good post Marmoseti, you're on the right track.

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i played acoustic for 7 months so after a year i could..i think i was just playin lil songs from books ma teacher taught me.i didnt really pogress until after about 1yr3months then i started soloing and now after..2 years and...5 months i can solo pretty well now.
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o yeh the guy who did the levels..

i cant do much good chords just the average stuff, i can solo in different keys and move up and down in the same key.im crap at readin music but tabs easier and its better coz it tells u EXACTLY what to play ,when on a music thingy a E on the top string is the same as E on the 5th fret,meaning ur not playing it EXACTLY how it should be
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my guitar teacher always told me, and i know it sounds cliche, that if anyone asks you if you're good, tell them "i do my best." because no matter how good you are, there's always someone who can shred your face off. And there is no "highest level" either. You never "get there," you're ALWAYS improving and learning new things.
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Whatever you do, don't ask another guitarist who's better than you. Because once he listens to you, he'll immedietely think you're sh!t. If you can't play as well as him, you're bad by any means.

Oh, and I understand people who learn from a teacher with music theory not knowing what a powerchord/Drop D tuning is, because those are typically reserved for, well, the less than knowledgable guitarist, at least when they use them exclusively.
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You dont ask people on the ****ing internet, that's for sure.
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trying to make a level 1 level 2 system like you want would assume that everyone learns the same things at the same point in time. some people might just learn to solo really well, and never learned the basic chords, or extended chords. so does that make them a beginner guitarist? using your system yes, but you cant solo like them, so it doesnt work.

now if you want to let people know if they know what you know, dont tell them what songs you can play, or how fast you can solo, it sounds like you want people to know how much experience you have. dont tell people what you can do. if someone asks you "hey how good are you" ask them "well what can you do?" and then bounce what you can do off of what they can do.