Right we'r a pub covers band covering everything from Sabbath, AC/DC, Thin Lizzy, Green Day, Blink, Bowling for Soup, Metallica, Marilyn Manson, The Police, basically any thing that makes us shake our asses but we are stuck with a band name... We have had a brainstorn n here's some we'v come up with. Your thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated

Look Before You Fall
Sundays Record
Modest Black
Fairwell Front Drive
Skin Deep
Fallen Democracy
The Phase
Fallen Faith
Fllen Nemesis
Fallen Race
Failed Affections
Deep Velvet
VINYL CYUNTS ( Joeys favourite)
All Systems Go
Forbidden Offence
Forbidden Respect
Fail No More
Alternative Ending
Rebellious Contradiction
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Yeah The Phase is cool but the rest all sound too much like generic emo-nupunk high school garage band names. Keep at it, though, and good luck!
unless u wanna get labels as a nother ****ing emo-penis sucking band, then i suggest doing sumthing a little more mannish, such as the penis suckers.
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Well yeh if you don't like any of them please suggest ones on which we will be able to get gigs with and will not offend too many people
the phase is pretty good.
I've seen emo-er.

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all systems go
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