One or two of my guitar strings make a slight buzz *after* a note a played, its not that bad but i'm thinking if fixing it.

I've been told its because my nut is set too low and might need a new one, so I'm wondering if there's any good companies that make nuts or just a good nut style. And also, how high it will need to be set to make them not buzz.

I've had my Epiphone G-400 since about March this year, does this usually happen on these guitars? Shall i take it back to the shop and try to get them to fix it - its not a major problem but i'd like it fixed. So, any information on Nut makes, prices and how i shall go about getting it fixed will be great.

I'm also going to get some Elixir strings, shall i put them on after I get it fixed? Also....i've been told thicker strings would be good for the type of music I play. Which is rock/indie and nothing too heavy. What thickness would i need? At the moment i would mostly play rhythm and not many solos.

Any advice or tips would be great
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You have a high fret or the nut is too low and the bridge is too high or vice versa if you have a fret you have to get thr truss rod adjusted and the nut and brigde file down one and raise the other
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whomever told you to replace your nut is a fkcniug idiot. Your action is too low, if you re-adjust the action higher and you still get string buzz the truss rod needs to be adjusted. If this is the case i suggest bringing it to a repair shop unless you know what your doing. But for heavens sake DONT TOUCH THE NUT!
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