yeah its definetly a solid little machine if you're looking for a good multipurpose.. its basic gives you what you doesn't need too much tweaking. if you get an A-B Footswitch pedal from boss.. the.. FS-6 i believe... You can use it to switch between banks in memory mode.. so you can have up to 30 something settings i believe.. i use mine into my computer speakers and just plug my guitar into there so screw practice amps at home.
i like it and have one.

Good if you dont waant a ridiculously complicated board.

Its distortion and OD pedals are pretty good and same with everything else.

Think of some pedals on it being just a tiny bit less accessable than a single pedal because some things dont have all the knobs they need to use them differently.
Other than that, a cool buy
But then again.. extensive fx compilings besides like a type of mod (chorus/flange/phaser) + Delay isn't really neccesary. Unless you like to hide how badly you play under many different repeats and swelling noises. =P haha.
as long as you dont use it in place of guitar channels (ie with the od pedals n such) i know a couple of guitarists that do that and it kills their tone. for example one of them has a gibson les paul studio and a fairly good marshall and it sounded so....cold.
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yeah i must say.. if anything you need to upgrade along side with this.. get a seperate distortion/overdrive pedal.. and use the one one the board as a boost =)