Hey, I want to learn as much theory as i can be teaching my self, so, what i want to no is what chords, scales and anything else i'd need to know to be able to know what chords/notes im playing, and to be able to play a solo in key with chords.

So, basically, anything i'd need to no to be able play songs and make rifts,solos and chords in key.

I know basic chords and barre chords and know their names and positions

Like i know this is an A

I know i'm asking a lot, but I need to know what series of chords i need to know (m7, mb7 etc) and what scales and that.

Some good sites would be great as well

Also, tell me if i'd need lessons as well to help me
I tried Zentao once. Boy did it help immensly but there are so much I still need to explore. Keep those sites coming, boys.
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Yeah I didn't like that site much either. I just wanna know hw all of you awesome guitar players in this forum who know ALL of this crap get your knowleadge from.
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Yeah, it's probably a combination of websites, books, and application of the aforementioned.
Cant beat a good book for me. rather unhelpfully, cant remember the name of my awesome one... will get back to u on that. dont limit yourself to certain types of scales or chords though, b as broad as u can, really helps you progress. even metalbands that mainly shred and use powerchords often have full knowledge of all kinds of chords and scales.
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just read books lots of them. i've never had a teacher and i can play fast,read music, intellectually improvise,and think stuff out. you'll have a lot of "lightbulb goes on" epiphanies. And theres math to it too.
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Well i'm doing Zentao atm, its really good, thanks for all other suggestions...i best get busy =P