So i just bought a mic planning to hook it to my pc, well i read that i will need a phantom power supply, so i looked at them and realized they are quite cheap, however i'm unsure as to what they actually do, after i get the power supply will i be able to plug it straight into my mic input on my pc? how will that work? any help is much appreciated thanks.
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How good of quality are looking to get? As in your soundcard, do you mean an on-board sound card or a seperate one? Are you planning on ever recording anything else besides the mic?
i was gonna record my guitar amp, and i have the sound card that came with my pc, probably not a great one, but i figured the quality of the mic i bought would be better than the $10 wal mart mic i used in the past
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The best bet for you is buying a USB or firewire interface with phantom power. You can get a cheap phantom power adapter and use your onboard sound, but chances are it will sound ****y and you will have to get an interface anyway. You can get pretty good ones for around $200..
agrreeed ^^ your on board computer sound card will sound like shiiiit no offence but I would save up and buy yourself a firewire box because that will give you phantom power (most likely, make sure to check the specs).
Now as for the stand alone phantom power, as far as I am aware it plugs in to a wall outlet and then you plug your mic chord into it, then a nother mic chord gets pluged to the output? Im not sure its a mess and you dont want to deal with that
go buy a firewire / usb audio interface.
you could also get a nice mic preamp that has phantom power and run the mic into that. then run the out from that into your computer. any decent tube preamp is probably going to have a better tone than a preamp on a firewire/USB interface. unfortunatly you then run into your soundcard and lose that quality. if you have a limited budget at the moment but are thinking about getting heavier into recording in the future, i would think seriously about the tube pre. that way it will still have a use later if you get yourself a nice recording soundcard. sacrificing a bit of quality now to have a nice piece of equiptment for later might be worth it for you. if not, go with the interface that has a half decent preamp built in.