I want to get quite a few guitar accesories

I have An Epiphone G-400 and i play rock/indie

- A £300 ish Vox amp (What would be best?)
- A Clean/Distortion Pedal
- A 20ft Lead (I saw a cheap TGI - Are they good?)
The Vox Valvetronix series are kickass amps. They have a huge range of various tones, so I don't think you'll need a distortion pedal. If, however, you need more gain than the amp can give, get a Boss DS-1 distortion. It's popular amongst pros and sound great.

20ft is a reasonably length. Don't just buy the cheapest one (learnt that from personal experience). Check it to see if the jacks are relatively solid. Some unscrew and break easily.
Yeah I can tell you from experience the AD50VT can provide you with most any tone you want. The Boss DS-1 is a great pedal, but I barely use it because I can get just about the same thing out of the amp.
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I wouldn't insist on a cheap vox.

Find a tube amp.
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The Vox AD50 will do you fine, they sound quite good and will give you a wide variety of tones.

I'd recomend that or a Cube 60 (I prefer Vox though)
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