Hi all.

This is a cover of Wet Sand from the new album Stadium Arcadium of the RHCPs

I really luv that song but i don't have a electric guitar neither do i have a band so i did it acoustically.

There are sum minor mistakes in it with the strumming as there's a tempo change in the bridge... moreover i did it live (vocals+guitar at the same time)

Let me know what you think about it.

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PS: Want me to crit your work? leave me a link.
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very good really like your vocals sweet as. Anyhoo i donthave any recordings up b/cause dunno how but that was class
Man this was really amazing, I prefer yours to original!!!
Voice - 10
Guitar - 9,9 for small mistakes

You have an incredibly voice, you are great man, search a manager now ^^
Good job, hope you make more stuff like this one, I really enjoy listening to things like that!
thanks for the comments, i apreciate that.
i'm gonna work on sum more rhcp songs and redo those i made with my old guitar and without line-in support.
Really nice... your voice is awesome, is it natural or did you have lessons or what? I'm trying to work on my voice. You pretty much said all the small issues already. Really good job. Thanks for commenting on mine too.
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i never had lessons in singing so far. i used to go to a choir when i was a little boy... i guess that helped a lot.
You should do Snow next...go for it...
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You have quite a unique voice, keep up the good work.
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wow, that's really good

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nice man this is awsome.. i envy your voice man
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wow ur guitar sounds really good, nice and clear. Im not familiar with the song, but the vocals sound pretty good in this, probably a little more your style than the Ben Harper pretty good dude
I'm not an expert at singing, but my suggestion is:
You have great tone, but you should try to put more force behind your singing. You do in certain parts, and those tend to be the best parts. During the chorus, you kind of did, and it sounded pretty good. Just try to put more breath behind it.

Good job man.