I have a Washburn W587, and I want to upgrade the pickups on it. What do you guys reccomend? I don't really want to buy active pickups, and I never really use my neck pickup. I'm in a hardcore/metal/progressive band, and the pickup needs to have high output, and good harmonics (I love harmonics). The clean channel just has to be decent. I'm willing to spend about $150.
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Dimarzio Blaze pickups are pretty good and made for 7-string guitars.
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i just got an ibanez 7 string, rg 1527, i like the pickups in it, theyre pretty nice, and i play mostly progressive metal, theyve got pretty good harmonics, i havent messed around with pinch harmonics yet, but im sure they can handle them easy, i have a 6 string washburn, and these pickups are like twice as loud as those, i do a lot of finger picking stuff with the ones i have, on clean usually, and they sound pretty good

check em out, i dont know exactly what model or make they are, either that or check into some duncans
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Dimarzio Blaze pickups.

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