All lyrics & music (c) Amy_Lee 2006.
Piano, electric guitar and vocals.

Dedication: Dean Lungley...I'll see you soon xoxox

[Piano intro]

Verse 1: I never danced before I met you
I've never had the drive to be
Last night under the stars and raindrops
I dance as if no-one sees me

Bridge 1: Lifted up, disappearing
Given care, always giving
Who will be first in hearing?

Chorus: Am I your morning star?
Am I the shadow in your mind?
Am I the brains behind this operation?
Am I the one that's left behind?

V2: For all the smiles you have given me
For all the laughs, now let me see
For all the futures, if that happens
I'm thanking you eternally.

B2: Healed and sewn, now I'm open
Nothing more left unspoken
No more homes that are broken

[Guitar kicks in with a solo]

B3: Hopes, dreams, shattered lives
I remain spoken
Dreams, love, laughs, promises
Truthful and alone.

Chorus x2

[Piano outro]

Let me know what you think of it.
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wow, i like that alot. beautiful. wish i dared post my own lyrics, got like six full songs. who is Seth Shadow?
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Not bad, but I might be able to give a good crit of it if you posted the song, music and all. Sorry, but this seems to be one of those songs you have to hear to crit. The lyrics are really beautiful, though.
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Amazing Work Once Again Amy_Lee...
I Love It, It Really Hits The Heart.

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wow, i like that alot. beautiful. wish i dared post my own lyrics, got like six full songs. who is Seth Shadow?

I Am Seth Shadows
beautiful lyrics, reminds me of my little situation with a girl. i enjoyed it good work
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It's a little too influenced by AFI. I'm not saying that to be offensive. It's solid but it isn't your style in any way really. The chorus is a rip off of Morning Star by AFI, I can sing it to the same tune