The band Lions just played here last night, I had heard much hype about them from other kids, so I decided to go to the show and check em out.

They were quite amazing, nothing origonal, but very good. Fast paced beats, breakdowns, sincere positive lyrics, that's hardcore for yeah


They really got the crowd going too, which makes it 10x better. Everyone would rush the lead singer for those group yells.

..Oh, and skanking during breakdowns is fun.
Great band I love the quote at the begining of the song Lions. "Know man forget how menacing we are, we are lions!!" Does anyone know where thats from?
...and the world sighed in relief
Really great stuff. I only have "Lions" and "Blood In Our Hearts", anyone have anything else to share?
I have cancer, fight me.
yea 5 bucks forr 4 songs, lol yea but they r ****in awesome, i saw them with xLIFERUINERx, and final elysian
No Warning Is The Best Band Ever!

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I sing the song "Lions" in my car.
I look like such an idiot.
I love it.
"No man will forget how menacing we are....we are lions!"
I have cancer, fight me.
Great band. I've almost seen them 3 times, but all three times I've been busy, which sucks.