I have this one riff that I play, It's all power chords, and it moves all over the neck, really fast, and if I play it like 10 times in a row, the back of the neck gets kinda warm from my hand moving over is so fast, and if I keep playing it like 5 more times, the strings get kinda warm...

Just wondering if this will mess the guitar up?
Nah, I shouldn't have thought so.

May give you some tuning problems though.
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Yeah thats what I was thinking, I just didn't want it to like warp the neck from the heat or whatever, since it's the only guitar I have right now, It doesn't get SUPER hot, but warm, I'm sure if I played it alot it would get pretty hot, but I'll avoid that. Thanks
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john petrucci probably could
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yeah, you might wanna use that ultraorange light petrucci uses. melting guitars are bad.