Inspired by something that has recently happend...

Green Eyes

How you doin' green eyes,
Can you believe its been this long?
Your face, a twisted frown,
Was there something so very wrong?

You sure developed a figure,
Are you sure its really you?
I see your stomachs grown bigger,
A baby boy? Lucky you,

Wheres the smile I remember,
Has it faded with your truth?
Your eyes seem less green,
More so black and blue,

Remember back in gradeschool,
where we were never cool?
Remember we made that promise,
You know, what we'd never do?

It must have slipped your mind,
Weighed down by your thought,
Oh how these roads can really wind,
I never thought you'd get caught,

I count the scars on your body,
Do they all hold a story?
I wish you could tell them all,
But Im only here until the morning,

I wish I could have been there,
For all the times you craved love,
I wish I could have saved you,
from a life of sex and drugs,

You leave me such a burden,
that will make me go insane,
I'll take this as a lesson,
That I'll live by, day by day,

Its time to say my farewells,
My best friend, whom I've hurt
Take with you my soul, please
As your lowered in to the dirt.

Recorded version will be up soon, if some parts dont "flow" well, you'll have to hear how it is sung...