I Cant Remember Wut Hapened The Other Night
Did I Hurt U Y R U In That Coffin
How Did I Hurt U

Y Am I In This Place The Walls R Closing In
And No Longer Does My Skin Feel Right I Feel
Like Sumthing Crawling Inside Of Me
Must Be The Guilt

For Hurting That Night

I Swer I Dont Need This
I Mean It Im Not Insane
Please Help Me
I Wish Never Hurt U

The One Who Hurt U Was Not Me It Was My Other Side
Will I Ever See You Again
The Pain Of Seeing These Padded Walls Is Driving Me In-sane!!!!

I Swear I Dont Need This These Needles Are Not For Me
I Mean It Im Not Insane Please Help Me Im Dying Here
I Wish I Never Hurt You

Please You Must Understand It Wusn't Me It Wuz My Other Side

My Skitsofrantic Head Is Pounding

I Swear I Dont Need This
Im Not Insane
Please Help[ Me
These Needles Are Not For Me!
Indeed, you are. And the letters instead of words are just confusing in that much abundance. So is the capitalization
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It seems good but I'm having trouble visualizing it, what kind of song it is (music genre)

seriously? Perhaps you have to be insane to understand this seemingly dreadful song.....
reading that hurt my eyes. Cus o da wierd wy u typd it
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Everyone knows that the day the Metallica ends, the world ends.

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Someone woke up on the wrong side of his mother this morning.