Once again. No spam on this one. I know I just posted one about my classical guitar. The reason i made this separate is because i want to get direct answers about this one and not have it confused or mixed up with the Classical guitar question. Anyway, the question for this one is just like the classical one. What kind of strings should i get for my ovation? I want to play rock and things like that. I want a string that rings in tone well, has nice sustain, not too bright but not deep. Basically what is the best strings for acoustic guitars?
Next time you post a reply plz put the exact model of the strings so i know wht to git exactly. More easily just put a URL down. Thank you.
I usually use d'addarios on my ovation, phosphor bronze. I use a medium gauge most of the time. They have a nice brighter sound to them, and they last for a while. I used elixers for a while, but for the cost, i really didn't think that they were that great soundwise.
it all ends in tears anyway....