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Today I'll be talking to you about proper guitar equipment maintenance. Troughout this article we will be reviewing the different things you should keep an eye on, such as your strings, your amp, your effect equipment ie:pedals sound boards and of course your actual guitar.

STRINGS: First off I can't overstate how important it is to change your strings! Your strings and the type you choose are the first step to acheving the tone you desire. Experiment, dont be affraid to change it up once in a while, when you find the brand (and Gauge) that suits you stick to it. You should change your strings according to how often you play. If you play everyday for an hour or more you should change your strings every month, if you play once a week you should change your strings every 3 months or so, and so forth. you know you need to change strings when they are black and not all shiny like the first day you got them so dont hesitate to.

AMPLIFIERS: Alright you just got the amp of your dreams with the tone you always wanted and not only that but you just burnt a hole in your pocket the size of Texas, all the reason to take good care of it. Amplifiers are extremly durable peices of equipment and are built for abuse, but that dosen't mean you have to. You should NEVER turn the volume (or gain) up all the way, this option is there for short sustain not for an entire jam! Turning the treble or bass knob up all the way is not a good idea either, try keeping them equal and play with your middle, make minor adjustments after. these simple guidlines should keep your amp sounding great and your investment sound (get it!).

EFFECTS: Pedals and other effect equipment are ment to compliment the songs you create not dictate them. Effect equipment especialy pedals are extremly durable even more so then amplifiers (your litteraly stomp the crap out of these things!). A general guidline is always use the proper A/C adapters, yes others will work but will also increase the chance of you frying your favorite pedal the chance is small but eventualy it WILL happen. I am telling you this from experience, it's great to know that you don't have to buy a properly rated adapter, but let me tell you and an adapter is cheaper then a pedal! And battery's will drain faster then you can buy them. As for soundboards they usally come with wires that plug directly into the wall so all you need to know about them is in the users manual.

YOUR AXE: The reason you live. As a musician your guitar is an extension of your body, you should treat is as one. cleaning your guitar is important letting the grim, sweat, fingerprints, nicks and kinks build up beacause it makes your guitar look "Hardcore" is not cool. Were and tear will occure but you have to let it occure naturaly as opposed to just letting it go to sh*t. I had a friend who ingraved (keyed) his guitar and duct taped it for no reason, not only did it ruin a perfecly good sounding guitar it never sounded properly again (obviously), my point is treat your guitar like your best friend not like your school binders. When you change your strings clean your fretboard if you don't the grim will become permanently embeded
in the wood, it looks like streaks. After your done practicing it is also a good idea to wipe off the strings to get rid of any persparation. Don't be afraid to polish your guitar once in a while. The oil from your fingerprints will eat into the finish of your guitar and if not cleaned become permanent. You can use a fancy guitar polish or any NON ABRASIVE wood cleaner. when you jam standing up I suggest removing your belt, it will rub against the back of your guitar and cause a phenomenon known to guitarist as "Buckle Rash" the damage caused by this will start of as small scratchs but will ultimatly result in the total destruction of the finish in the back of your guitar.

These are general guidlines to follow. They will not stop were and tear but will slow it down greatly. I hope you enjoyed reading this article as much as I had writing it. Feel free to post comments, and your own tips, constructive criticisim is always welcomed. I am new to the UG world but not new to the guitar world.
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When you cange your strings clean your fretboard if you don't the grim will become permanently embeded in the wood, it looks like streaks.

Cange should be change
Maybe add in how to store and transport cables properly? I have 5 cables, three of which are broken - what am I doing wrong?
Try not to step on them while playing. If your foots on a cable and you swing your guitar away the wire inside will break. A tip for reparing broken lead cords (if you don't have a soder gun) is to use a small strip of tin foil, wrap it around both ends of the severd wire so they touch also use electric tape to isolate it after. This is only a temporary repair and is not easy to do.
^ Thanks. I've been told that if you roll them up the wrong way you can put stress on them and break them too ( ? ) Anyone got an answer to that?
When u role up ur cables make sure they are loose, if u are going from ur hand to your elbow dont pull your cables into tight coils, let them circle maintian a loose feel.

If you have a guitar that has a jack on the side of the body try and get an angled jack head to prevent accidental jack/ plug head damage.

Also dont just pull on ur cables when they knot up lay them out and work the the coils and knots out gently.

Try not to run over cables with things like ur office chair if ur playing at your computer, or siting a chair leg on ur cables. (i know that sounds pretty obvious)

Finnaly dont buy crapy cables, When slecting cables make sure they have a good amount of shielding and rubber casing, this will aid in protecting the wire and most importantly make sure ur sound is as interferance free as possible.
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^ Thanks. I've been told that if you roll them up the wrong way you can put stress on them and break them too ( ? ) Anyone got an answer to that?

yeah buy Monster cables. if they break, you return em for a new one. no questions asked.
Run it through a spellchecker. were and tear should be wear and tear.
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^Yeah, because a spellchecker would sort that

However, Indie makes a good point, there are several spelling errors/typos which just a simple spellcheck would solve.
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thanks for this post Cloberman, was just about to post a thread askin how to clean ma guitar, needs polishing or something. thanks again
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