I didn't know SX had a website... but from what I hear around here, they are a really really good value for the money.
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You don't know how many SX guitars i've had to set-up and fix over the past 3 years, all from Rondo-Music. They're pretty cheap guitars, you get what you pay for.

I'm getting a bass straight from Rondo that needs A LOT of work done on it monday.

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True, SXs are cheap and I got an SX mockingbird for $120. Not bad for the money. All I had to do was level the frets with the stone. First time I got my hand on a wide neck and I like it. 1 3/4" at the nut but they said 1 5/8 on the site." Don't sound to bad either.
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Ive heard they are hit or miss. But aparently they are supposed to be quite good. I plan on getting one of their strat copies as a project guitar. Just send it back if it has a bad fret job and have them send you a new one.
I think they're a little less good than rondo's Agiles, and sometimes hit-and-miss, but not as much as others. I haven't seen too many reviews on them, so i'm not sure.

I have heard of them though. And anyways, looking at the price and a little more than mediocre build, i'd say they're worth it if you put a little work into them.
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