hi yall
Well recently ive been wanting to figure out stuff by ear, i know basic theory, i can figure out simple stuff. So im wondering, what are some good songs that are easy to figure out by ear, because i really want to train my ear. Ive been playing for 2 years, im decent i can play some intermediate songs like, capricho arabe and the stairway to heaven solo. Im looking for some good acoustic songs to figure out, so where should i start?

Try classical gas if you don't already know it, I'm not sure what sort of music you like though, so not sure what else to reccomend
well i honestly think classical gas is way to hard for me to figure it out by ear, im actually looking for songs with a simple chord progression, like wish you were here and that kind of stuff. thanks anyways
Try some Sabbath riffs, just basic power chords. Personally, if I am figuring out a solo I usually get the intervals of the tune right but just in the wrong key so I have to slide it up or down.
Many RHCP songs have simple chord progressions and can be played on acoustic guitar. Try some of that stuff. Also, House of the Rising Sun. Brilliant tune.
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Californication is a very simple song to figure out. Easy riffs and chords. The solo is clean and slow so there should be no difficulty really.
i like practicing on greenday songs..not so much acoustic but it helps..or whatever songs popular at the time,,my teacher told me if i can fugure out what key the songs in the rest is easy..unfortunately im still working on how keys and stuff function...
Ummm... acoustic and easy (+/-) to figure out chord-wise... let's see...

Eagles - Take it Easy
Rufus Wainwright - Want
The Jayhawks - Save it for a Rainy Day
Nada Surf - Inside of Love

those are some I really like. They are not too hard to figure out for the most part
There have got to be some Eagles songs out there for you to try.
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For figuring out songs by ear, try stuff like nursery rhymes. Blister in the sun, Dueling banjoes, Redemption song. Most rhymes just use the major sclaes so they're easy to figure out. Like Yankee Doodle or whatever.
my major questions would be, do you know any music theory? if you know the most basic of music theory it should be pretty simple to figure out most common "pop" songs and when i say pop i'm really just referring to the stuff on the radio (whether it really is pop or rock or country or whatever) i personally after about 5 years realized i could just pick out chords when listening on the radio and if i didn't know the specific chords i could pick out the intervals, maybe try something like that?