Right...so I bought me a schecter ultra because i couldnt be aresd to wait for an ultracure (robert smith sig) to come into the UK, and also didnt really want the hassle of having to find a case for the beast...

the point is, the ultracure has Duncan 59's in so I wanna fit some into my ultra, but dont know if stock 59's will work with the schecter coil tap circuit (i got the guitar for a slightly less focused alternative to my epi SG, so keeping the coil tap is a must)
If they are 4 conductor pickups, they will work. I have a feeling you can get this as an option on most Seymour Duncan pickups.
If they are only 2 conductor, you will have to either make them 4 conductor (minorly tricky) or you could just use the push-pull (I'm assuming) for a killswitch.
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