would i start at the root of the scale like c for example, play a couple notes on the scale, and then end at the root c again. im just learning about scales so its kinda confusing on what to do.
A scale is just a set of notes that work well together, alot of the time it can be easier to start on the root note but it isn't neccesary
so i dont have to start on the root and end on the root? ive been having trouble on creating my own solo using a scale. i just cant make it sound good. it doesnt even sound like a solo. even when i play fast.
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so i dont have to start on the root and end on the root?

Wrong, you have to define tonality so you either start on one OR end on one.

That's IMO.

EDIT: I should add that a song is usually a round trip. You start on one and go round back to it. What you do in between is the interesting part.
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thanks that helped to. i actually found this thing on this site which helped me a ton. i now am doing sum cool solos that actually sound good. but is there anything else i can do to make my solos sound more pro-ish and mouth dropping.
You NEED to end your solo in the root key. How you end is your own preference, you can end it in the root chord, bends and whatsoever but it has to be in key. Starting point however, you can start with anything. For making more "pro-ish" solos, incorporate legatos, bends, trills, sustain, vibratos (very very important for holding notes), arpeggios, sweeps and tons of stuff.
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