just a rough recording of the melodies of the song. we're gonna do it in my band so i was just wondering if anyone had any advice on how to improve it.
it's called door of bricks and its instrumental


Many thanks.
oh, and if you leave a link to your song thread i crit it
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Cool name (Door of Bricks) I like the harmony lines at the beginning. Actually I like the harmony lines all through the song. Thy rhythm part is cool on guitar, I enjoy galloping guitar parts. This will be cool with vocals. The guitar tones are not very smooth, and the solo should have been louder. The song isnt very Metal, at least not crazy Metal. ITs cool, I like the melodies a lot. They were very A7X every once and a while.

do mine? Another guy in my band posted it
The guitar was good, I wasn't much a fan of the vocals, but otherwise it pwnt.
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