well ,, i'm trying to learn the scales .... i play metal sucha metallica stuff
but dunno which scales to memorize

i think pentatnoic minor are the most common ,,
but there are many forms , so which one is good to learn
another thing ,, there r C minor , G ,A ...etc ,, so do i have to know all these
and wut the difference between natural minor and pentatonic minor !!

i need sumthing deptailed plz coz i dont have much idea

learn Pentatonic Blues in... go with A, learn all the posistions and you can just move them and them up and down to change keys
Learn the roots!
If you know the roots on each scale, you can easily change the key of the scale.
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If you notice all the minor pentatonic scales have the same shapes and fingering they just move about teh neck.

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does any have a link to a site or page that has all guitar scales on it? im lookin for 1 plz and thank u

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Harmonic minor will also give you some fun metally noodlings. It's basically just natural minor with a raised 7th. And the difference is that the minor pentatonic is five notes, the root, flat 3rd, 4th, 5th, and flat 7th. Natural minor is root, 2nd, flat 3rd, 4th, 5th, flat 6th, and flat 7th.
just learn the circle of fifths and youll be fine
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phrygian is a main rock/metal scale.

use it wisely
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Learn the modes, Pentatonic Minor, Blues minor, and for shred learn scales with a lot of notes in them to get that full sound when going up the scale.
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