I've heard a lot of opinions but not much from owners themselves. Anybody using one please chime in and tell me your experience. I prefer SS over tube as I use a GNX, and like the portability it claims but how does it sound? I don't want to change my sound, just make it louder.
Hi Wiley, I love mine! I have owned TONS of amps and have been gigging for about 34 years. Yesterday my beloved Ampeg VL503 died but I did not panic, I just got the Power Block out of the car, hooked up a DOD delay pedal and two distortions and we were fine! Even the bass player commented on how good the amp sounded. It'd CHEAP, weighs about 4 lbs, is the most responsive tranny amp I've ever used and you can set the gain at about 12:00 or just past, and ride the distortion with your guitar, in my case my trusty Tele. I would torture and kill anyone who stole it and then just go buy another one if I couldn't get him to talk and tell me where my Power Block was. It sounds good with all my guitars. I still will fix my tube monster BUT I have used the PB for gigs when I feel lazy and too old to carry the Ampeg! Hope this helps, just my opinion and experience.
i had one but i sold it, now that theyve dropped in price im gonna buy another one, they are very usefull for backup purposes or for a clean power amp that wont mess up your tone. They dont sound too horrbily bad by themselves either.
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For the money.... best darn piece of equipment I've ever bought. So far.... lol. I've heard about it burning out on guys in the middle of gigs. Now although I'll be using my Dual Rec at every live show... I still fear it crapping out for whatever reason. The little 150 watt Crate would suffice nicely with a multi effects processor. I'd buy it again, dude. 99 dollars... shyeah !
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