Ok, well I've been playing guitar for about 5 and a half years now, but I've only bought and really only played acoustic and acoustic-electric guitars thus far. So now I have a good collection of acoustic guitars and I also recently picked up an electric bass, but I think it's time to get an electric guitar. My musical tastes are about as eclectic as they come. I listen/play anything from country to bluegrass to classical to hard rock to classic rock to punk to pop. That being said I suppose I need something very versatile. I'm going to sell one of my 12 strings (pm me if you need a great acoustic-electric 12 string) to help invest in an electric. I should get around $500 for my 12 string and I'm going to put another 600 or 700 on top of that towards an electric. So my budget lies around 1100-1200 USD. My experience with electrics is basically nonexistent. Of course I have friends that play them and I have played all of theirs and of course I've noodled around on numerous electrics at Guitar Center over the past few years... but I don't really KNOW alot about them. So far I think I'm leaning towards a Fender American Tellecaster. I like the feel of the Telly better than the Strat. I played a Les Paul one time and I didn't really find it very comfortable to play either. Any advice, tips, knowledge, etc. would be VERY much appreciated. One specific question I have is... what's the difference between the American Telly and the American Telly Deluxe?

I know that buying a nice electric and then playing it through a crappy amp is basically blasphemy so there's no need to explain that. I don't have any electric guitar amps, but my friends that I play with have several so I wouldn't need to buy one immediately. I will of course want to buy one a little bit down the road however, so amp suggestions are also very welcome.

Thanks in advance for any help you all can give me. I appreciate it.

EDIT: I just thought of a few more questions. Would you guys reccomend humbucker pickups or single coil for me? Also, what are the main differences in Maple and Rosewood fretboards (other than the color of the wood, of course). Oh and this is the guitar that I played at Guitar Center today that is the front-runner in my mind so far:

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since you have alot of experience backing you, and you already know how to play the guitar, and you have the money. I'd say for a gibson LP, they can play a wide range of sound, great feel and quality, i personally think it is one of the best guitar's out there in the market today. You sould also consider buying a good amp as well so it will sound good

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Yeah a few of my friends play Les Paul's and I actually played a friend of mines LP Studio last night, but they just aren't as comfortable to me as the Telly is. There's just something about the weight and balance of the LP that I don't like as well as the Telly. Is an LP a great deal more versatile than a Telly?
If you want versatile get a Strat The Tele and LP each has its own sound but if you like the feel of the Tele then go for it cuz its a great guitar and from what i have heard the deluxe isnt worth the extra dough but ive never played that one so i cant say for sure.
I suggest an SG, easy to handle, a good all around guitar for any situation.
fender style guitars use single coils, gibson style guitars use humbuckers.
The pickups you get depend on the guitar you want. single coils hum
depending on the switch setting.
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The rosewood fretboard seems to have slightly less resistance IMO. I like them personally, its just the feel for me. If you want versiltility in the tele, get the humbucker. Personally, I'd shy away from a tele for a versitle guitar. Strats are very versiltile.

I agree LPs arn't the most comfortable out there. Sitting down with an LP sucks, and they weigh a ton anyhow. Tele's arn't light either, but lighter than an LP.

If you want my clear cut opinion:

American Strat
Tele with humbucker

As far as an amp is concerned, it seems like you'd be the kind of person to want a good tube amp. However, be prepared to pay a premium for one.
if u got the money get a gibson .If u like the feel get a Les paul but some people think it feels funny so maybe an SG.Or a strat because every1 seems to like them

EDIT: just looked at other replies and realised they say the same thing
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Hey man. I was in the exact same position as you...i was exclusively acoustic up until a year ago and bought my first electric last summer. I have an american tele with standard singlecoils and maple neck, and i love it. Like you said, the playability is superb. As for versatility, I pla through a Marshall DSL valve amp and t=its so sweet on both clean and distorted. My tastes are about as eclectic as yours and find it covers all bases really well. But its always good to play a variety of guitars...you'll know the right one when you play it. It sounds like youre in love with the tele already tho! A quality valve amp is highly recomended as well if you can stretch to it. Like you know from acoustics, tone is everything, and a valve will help deliver that.
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^^^^And isnt that Tele the sexiest thing ever?!!!^^^^

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it is the sexiest (if u can say that about a guitar) but i would prefer a more raw guitar like an SG.
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Ibanez RGT220 possibly?... might not be your thing, but its near your price range, and is good quality

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Id buy this http://www.musicyo.com/product_specs.asp?pf_id=571

then spend the rest of your budget on a Fender, marshall, Peavey, or Mesa Boogie all tube amp.

I bought the LP shaped Custom from them for $199 as my 3rd guitar just to get a Les Paul shape and it plays and sounds beautifully. except for the pups its about as nice as a $750 LTD EC1000. I cant believe how good it is for $199, and anybody who didnt get in on teh deal lost out, its off thier webpage now, sold out. The SG should play as well and there would be plenty of $ left over for a pickup swap.
Thanks for all the responses so far. As I mentioned in my original post, the Les Paul just isn't a comfortable guitar to play for me. I find it very heavy and quite awkward. I haven't ever played a Gibson SG, but I have played an Epiphone SG. I'll definitely play one when I go to buy a guitar. Along with these suggestions, could you all please explain some of the differences in the guitars and their tones. Just reccomending a guitar isn't all THAT helpful to me really. I don't really know jack about electric guitars. I'm looking for good advice on the different tonal characteristics of different guitars. I'm looking for good advice about the sustain on different guitars. I'm looking for good advice about the style of pickups in different guitars. These are things that are more specific and will be much more useful to me than simply suggesting a model. I'm also still curious as to what the differences between the American Telly and the American Telly Deluxe are. The only things I have really noticed is the white binding around the top, the pearloid (I think that's what it's called) pickgaurd, and the Strat-like curvature on the back of the guitar. I know that the Deluxe has some sort of extra pickup settings, but I don't really know what the difference in them is.

Also, can you put humbucking pickups in a Tellecaster?

Thanks a ton everyone!

EDIT: I may be retarded, but I couldn't find that Ibanez RGT220 anywhere. Do you know who sells them?
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I think the '72 Tele Custom Thinline is an amazing guitar, and it has the humbuckers so you can get a thicker tone out of it.
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I think the '72 Tele Custom Thinline is an amazing guitar, and it has the humbuckers so you can get a thicker tone out of it.

Could I have humbuckers put in the guitar I posted a picture of?
just go with what you like best, every one on here has their own opinion on whats a better guitar, and they will argue you to the deth, but in the end its all up to you weather you like the sound and feel of the guitar, if you like a telecaster's feel and sound then go for it, just make sure you gat a color that you like ;-)
Gibson all the way...treat yourself after all that time!
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I don't have any real reasons not to buy it. I was just hoping that I might get some insight from some experienced electric players/owners about different guitars that would be a good fit for my needs. I also have listed several specific questions which no one seems to know the answers to thus far.

EDIT: Where are all the people on the "Who to Listen To" list?!
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