I was just wondering if i could get a Bigsby Vibrato system on my new telecaster. I have seen some teles with a bigsby included but none that were around my price range. So could a guitar shop install one ?

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yeah but its expensive. itll set you back about 2-3 hundred (including the bigsby)

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yeah and getting installed would probably be around a hundred or maybe just a little less, so id say $200 is a good estimate. But make sure you really like bigsbys first because they are feel a bit different than pretty much any other trem system and are kinda limited in what they can doalso chainging the stings on them is a major pain.
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just put it on yourself, thats what i did to my Gibby LP special faded(flattop).
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Yea you can, try and do it yourself to save a lot of money.
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Yeah, it's easy to put a Tele one on yourself too.
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Yeah, but you only get one shot at drilling those holes

Otherwise you end up with all these ugly ass drill holes all over your guitar. I'm having a Bigsby installed on my Telecaster. Fender has a set out now which has the Fender logo instead of the Bigsby.

You're gonna want a B-500 model and a roller bridge.
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