OK so I hear that alot of bassists use guitar pedals on there basses, in paarticular the electro-harmonix (sp?) muff pedals, so I tried out a couple of my mates guitar pedals once (distortion, chorus/flange) and neither worked, so I thought ah well, doesn't matter, but I tried out a double muff the other day and when turned off it did nothing, but I could hear myself play, when turned on it made my amp fuzz and buzz, but none of my notes went through, so is this normal and i'm using the wrong pedals or is there some other reason?
THink there has been a few threads involving this, may wanna try and do a search and see what comes up, that may help yeah.
there are quite a few of them and i use 2 guitar pedals for my effects and they sound great i use the little big muff and a morley power wah and there both great