Well, my band is starting to record, and we're using my computer.

When we record the first track, everything sounds fine, but when we start layering tracks....2nd, 3rd, 4th...the tracks don't align right. I thought if i tried to align them myself, it would work, but it's like the recording changes speeds.

I've tried audacity and acoustica.


bad musicianship??
do you guys use a click track to record?? if not start using one...there's also something called "quantizing" which devides the time into equal parts so you can align things perfectly
it could be you have a slow computer. For one Ive never used Audacity but in most cases always start the track at 0:00:00 that way you dont acidently move the track and align it wrong. Now obviously the first track will be allgiened its basically the refrence point. Okay so my suggestion is get abetter program/ get a better computer / and make sure Lags not your problem.
There is always latency when recording. A computer has to take the time to process the previous track. It seams that the software you are using is not accounting for the latency automatically. I'm very familiar with Vegas and Cubase SX3, but I've never used the programs you have mentioned, so I have no clue how to go about solving the problem.