hey. i just loosened the action on my guitar about a 16th to an 8th of a turn. how long does it take for the adjustment to take effect? cause its been about 25 min and i cant see, feel, or hear a difference. thanks.
i always thought it happened as you were turning it. All you are doing is raising/lowering the string, if it is in the saddle properly you should notice it right away....

hope that helped
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you adjust action at the bridge. not at the neck.

and when u adjust at the bridge, the string moves instantly.

what type of guitar do u have?

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I think he means the truss rod...
Im not quite sure if tightening/losening a truss rod (if that is what your doing) takes complete effect immediately but if you just want to lower the strings i would recommend that you not adjust the truss rod until you know what your doing since you could seriously damage the neck. To raise the action on strats you have to turn the small screws on the saddles on the bridge using a small allen key.

This site shows you how to adjust the action. http://www.projectguitar.com/tut/action.htm
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If you call action = neck relief, then what waddaya call adjusting the truss rod? tuning?
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