ok I have the Ibanez GTA15R Amp, and i found out it has horrible distortion, but the rest of the amp is pretty nice, and i dont want to chage anything besides the distortion. Now the question is, should i spend about 40-50 bucks on a distortion pedal, or should i invest in a better amp... really dont wanna buy an amp, cause i dont want to spend thaT MUCH MONEY... Is a 50 dollar distortion pedal worth it, will i really be able to tell a big difference?
if you get a really good stompbox it can make a world of difference, but investing in an amp would probably be better.
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Get a Jekyll and Hyde ultimate overdrive, it has OD and distortion, so if you ever upgrade to a tube amp the pedal won't be worthless and you can use it to boost the amp's OD.

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Amp by far. Just save your money and bare with your amp for now. A good amp will crush the best stompboxes out their on any day. Good Luck
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