This is a composition I wrote for my music coursework, I had to write a song from a particular modern genre so I chose metal and decided to write a metalcore song. Please tell me what you think cos im probably gonna use it with my band

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Wow, that was pretty good. My opinion it would sound better in CGCFAD but it still fine. Great job I loved the solos.
Hah way to go man. Way better than my POS song. It was really catchy and the solo-ish parts rocked. Good job!!!

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Hey that was pretty good. It wasn't exactly my style though. Some of the riffs got a little repatative. I didn't really like the verse, the clean guitar parts were cool though. (was that the chorus?) I really liked the interlude part, and the solo. (Can you actually play it?) Towards the end I kinda hoped their would be this little cool fade-out solo thing, but whatever. Eh 7.75/10.
solo was good,
the rest, not exactly my style,
overall 7/10

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It was ok. Not very original, so it got kind of boring. However, I did the clean parts, which were a nice change. The first solo was good, but the second one just didn't flow IMO.

Overall, it was an average song. Good job.
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Wow, that was awesome, nice one!
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I liked it :]... I tried looking for some things you can improve, I only found one small thing I tought would make it a bit better, in bar 20, on track 2, instead of it being a
10(slide to)12, and then again a 12, it would be better if it was a 12(slide to)15, and then again a 15.
Good stuff! I liked the clean parts, and the solo was kickass. Only thing is that it ended pretty abruptly, maybe add in some kinda outro or fade out.
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Man that was awesome, lotsa catchy riffs
Loved bars 24-34, 48-60 was also awesome haha
Solos fit really well into the song
Overall 8.5/10 Good job