Hey, I was thinking of getting a mexican standard strat and putting dimarzio hum canceling pickups in it:

"Chopper" in the Bridge
"Cruiser" in Neck
"Fast Track 1" in Middle.

I was thinking of doing this myself, but I'm a total noob. I went on Seymour Duncan's Wiring Diagrams and there is like 50 billion options for the strat. My question is which do I choose? I know I need 3 pickups, 1 vol, 2 tone, and 5-way switch, but there is single coil and "little Humbucker."

Just get a mexican Fender Fat Strat, thats what I have and I think it works fine with like overdrive or anything... even just clean with the 5 way selector to the bottom and both tones all the way up sounds good... I got mine used for around 400-500 American dollars