haha. sheet music is necessary for everything. if you truely want to be an accomplished guitarist, then you need to be able to read sheet music well.
its necessary if your going to go to college for music, are you planning on doing music for a career probably?
yes, but not for guitar. i can for everything else-literally. bass clef, treble clef, sax, french horn.
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Necessary? Naw, not really.

I read it though. To be a well-rounded musician it's a must-be-able to do thing though.

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or to rephrase that, to play an instrument besides guitar reading music is needed. I know from piano + euphonium.

And no, if you are just playing guitar you dont really need to know how but you still need to learn the notes on the board and theory IMO
I think it helps with scales. Especially exotic scales. I think its worth it.
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yes i think it's helpful but not neccesary to shred.
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I can, but VERY very slowly.
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Necessary? I dont think its necessary but its handy and good to know.

As for me, i too can read, but ridiculously slow...
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^Yes he can, he had a teacher, and teachers always teach you to read music cuz thats the first thing you need to know before you even pick up an instrument. Paul just plays by ear because he's way better at it.
Yes i can read sheet but i dont use it for shred, i like to re-write passages in treble cleft, purely becuase it looks pretty awesome and helps with writing in general. But its just soo much easier to learn shred pieces in tab.
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I'd strongly recommend it. It's always handy and useful to be able to

Exactamundo! Plus to get the basic grasp of the stave/staff doesn't take that much effort(that includes both clefs)...
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I know Becker and Gilbert can't read it. Gilbert can kinda but becker can't sight read to save his life.
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^ Sight-reading and being able to read sheet music are two completely different things.
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I can sight read moderatly well. I only ever use it for the classical guitar, though.
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I know Becker and Gilbert can't read it. Gilbert can kinda but becker can't sight read to save his life.

Becker can
Gilbert could after GIT

Becker composed some stuff and wrote it down in notation and im assuming if you can write it you could read it. That being said he cant read it well

I'll post my Beethoven Piece that I learned for my last grade(7) for Piano, it's one of the moonlight sonata's. Or you should see Philip Martin's pieces,he only publishes the handwriten sheets of his music. Staccato's are so ridiculously hard to see when wrote with a biro on a stave its laughable!
'At its best, it represents total freedom of musical expression, unfettered by technical limitations.'-Guthrie Govan on shredding
I can, but because my eyes focus alot slower than an average persons, I can't sight read at all. It's just impossible for me.

One of the wonderful things about having had a severely detached retina and a variable muscle imbalance. I also only see in 2 dimensions.
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I can read sheet music but only because i learned a different instrument for school before the guitar came along.
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Definately learn to read. I've been told i'm the best sightreader in my guitar class but thats not saying much cause we all suck at it. I guess its mainly because we've been working on joe pass solos lately, ya, that might have simething to do with it.
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i can sight read but only up to the 5th fret. can't play stuff higher up, need more practice
i can read it, i learned to for music theory, it takes me awhile though.
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