Well my band "The Floorboards" is gonna be able to play at our schools big halloween Bash. at the moment we have like 2 songs and the gigs in the end of october.We have alot of songs we just need to finalize. I think since were kinda pressed for time we might have to do some covers. I was thinking for the covers:

Are you gonna be my girl? by Jet
Sunshine of your love-by cream
Cant stop by RHCP
and My generation by the who

The audience gonna be mostly middle and high schoolers and weve got some originals too.
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sweet, u should try asking some people at ur school for suggestions since they'd know what they wanna hear.
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I reccomend a dance-rock song in there too. they kinda get people pumped up...

and yes, maybe play Stairway to Heaven if u can. Play finger-picked on acoustic, girls enjoy that. and if u cant, try Ten Years Gone or Heartbreaker

Maybe You Shook Me all night long or BACK IN BLACK, too! that would be awsome.

uve got some good covers, dude. Good-luck. The most important rule of playing in fornt of people is to have fun with it... interact with your other band members a bit, and make it look like you have a record label!

********Maybe have one of ur friends record the whole thing in segements and post it on YouTube.
1. Led Zeppelin
2. AC/DC
3. The Beatles
4. Deep Purple
5. Black Sabbath
6. The White Stripes
7. Stevie Ray Vaughan
8. Steve Vai
9. Ozzy Osbourne
10. Foreigner
lights and sounds, by yellowcard. everyone loves that song.
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Just go out with confidence. Dont overdo stage antics and play for yourselves and dont do anything cheesy. If you go out with with confidence and put on a good show the people who are musically blind/deaf will just assume your good. If you play with style the real music fans will have respect for you.

then you got the best of both worlds.
And if your not ready or really worried because your messy, dont play.
A bad performance is worse than a canceled one.
Be confident. Look out into the audience with pride. Move around. Try to interact with the other band members aswell as the crowd. Try to look like you're having fun up there.

Don't do what my old band did on their first gig. We were all static for the whole performance. Didn't help that we totally sucked and our vocalist was appauling.
Congrats. Make you have some fun, and try not to mess up

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I think you have 4 good, solid cover choices, guitarfan93. Have fun at your gig, and I hope it goes well!
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