There is a problem with my guitar. It is humming like crazy as if it isn't grounded or something. When i touch the input or something metal the humming stops. So there's probably a problem with a wire or a pot of something. My question is how do I figure out where the problem is?
what kind of strings are you using, and when you touch the strings does the humming stop?

If, when you touch the strings, it stops... that's the way it's supposed to be...

this unfortunately won't work with elixirs or other coated strings

if touching the strings doesn't help, and you are using regular strings... then it's a ground problem... check the trem cavity, the input cavity, and the pickup/wiring cavity for loose wires

if somethings loose, just solder it back in place
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This is a very commen problem and half the time it's nothing to do with your guitar, it's a problem with the house wiring. Lets hope it's just your guitar.

The most commen problem is that the lead going from your guitar to your amp isn't a guitar lead, it's a speaker cable, or a keyboard cable that was mispackaged or mistakenly bought. Guitars are High Z when your speaker output is low Z so useing the wrong cable can give you all sorts of buzzing.

If you know it's the right type of cable then unscrew the ends of your lead cable. Are the ground wires on there properly soldered?

If that isn't it then make sure the ground wire that connects to the bridge is secured to the bridge and to the other ground wires on your tone pot.

If that was good then make sure the ground wire to your jack is secure.

If all those things are good then chances are it's not a problem with your guitar. Try plugging your amp into different cercits in you house. Try turning off all the light, and try turning off all the major appliances. Make sure you are not close to any TV's, radios, or computers. All these things could cause buzzing.
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thanks for the help guys. I figured it out it was my pots, they're pretty old and ****ty. Thanks fender...