long story short. i was at the guitar store, told the guy i needed a g string, was in a rush, bought the string, came home, looked at it, it was a d string .26 gauge. they closed at 8 pm and its now 8 10 so i cant take it back right now. i think if i put it on as a g string it would warp my guitar. i used .17s before as a g string. can u tell me if it would warp? and i aslo was dumb enough to not ask for a reciept. arghhh
i wouldn`suggest doing it, go back there monday(or do you have sunday shopping?) and ask to get a G...
i wouldn't use a different gauge of string for just one string, idk, might throw it off, i'm not sure at all
i really wanted to play tonight. thats why i was in a rush to get it. but i dont know if it would warp my guitar. it is a big jump from 17 to 24. and my d strings a 26 so its almost as thick as my d string
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use it and go to d standard for tonight. Thats the only way you will have a reasonably even guitar.

i already have a d string so if i put the 24 where the g string would go i wouldnt tune it to d. i have no use in having 2 d strings on my guitar. i just want to tune it to g. but if i do im afraid of killing my guitar. therefore im lost
use the string. dont be a pussy. it wont do **** to your guitar. just make sure its in tune. there are no limits on music