Im trying to figure out what chords are in what key. I know that it goes MmmMMmo for a major key and for minor it goes moMmmMM.
M=major chord
m= minor chord
o= diminished chord
can i have some info on this. can u give me an example of major and minor in G.

[B]G Major.[/B]

I - G major
ii - A minor
iii - B minor
IV - C major
V - D major
vi - E minor
vii° - F#°

[B]G Minor.[/B]

i - G minor
ii° - A°
III - B major
iv - C minor
v - D minor
VI - Eb major
VII - F major

It might be better for you to learn the roman numeral system as opposed to using upper-case and lower-case letters.

Uppercase numeral: I - IV - V etc = Major chord.
Lowecase numeral: i - iv - v etc = Minor chord.
° = Fully diminished chord.
ø = Half diminished chord.
+ = Augmented chord.
the G major scale is G A B C D E F# G

I = G B D
ii = A C E
iii = B D F#
IV = C E G
V = D F# A
vi = E G B
viio = F# A C

the G natural minor scale is G A Bb C D Eb F G

i = G Bb D
iio = A C Eb
III = Bb D F
vi = C Eb G
v = D F A
VI = Eb G Bb

however, minor key songs often use the harmonic minor scale, which raises the seventh degree. in this case this would mean using an F#. this is often used to make a dominant chord, a V instead of a v. in this case it would be D F# A. Play Dm then Gm, then D to Gm and see which is more conclusive. definitely the D major to G minor.
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